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It is vital that the relationship between a university and its host town be healthy, dynamic and productive. KAUST takes this to heart – we are dedicated to being a good neighbor and responsible citizen, channeling our resources to improve outcomes in our neighboring town of Thuwal. The Social Responsibility Department was created in 2012 to utilize the unique range of talent and skills available in the KAUST community. Our short, medium and long-term projects aim to promote sustainable wellbeing and improve lives, with programs designed to anticipate and respond to the needs of our communities. We work hand-in-hand with local community leaders, groups, and individuals. We listen to them to understand how we can best serve them, how we can best ensure they are empowered so that no one is left behind in these exciting times of transformation and national development.


Dr. Najah Ashry

Senior Associate to the President and Vice-President Strategic National Advancement


2021-6-2 - Photoshoot for Social Responsibility manager Maha Aldubayan - Khulud -

Maha Aldubayan




Abdullah Zubair




Hani Bojer

Project Specialist


Maram Almadani

Maram Almadani

Project Co-ordinator


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