KAUST Social Responsibility  

We are all fortunate to be members of the KAUST community and joining in with volunteer projects gives community members a chance to acknowledge this. Not only is volunteering a personally rewarding way of ‘giving back’, it provides an invaluable opportunity for you to enhance your own skills, knowledge and experience that will prove beneficial to you on your journey beyond KAUST.


Our volunteers are drawn from across KAUST, supporting our broad range of programs and projects.   Our skills-based volunteers include faculty, post-docs and students, as well as TKS teachers and pupils, who work with Social Responsibility to devise and deliver programs to Saudi students in local schools and adult training initiatives.  We also have enthusiastic support from the KAUST community for our broader projects.



Volunteering has been part of the ethos of KAUST since the early days ...

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After five years as a Grade 5 International Baccalaureate teacher at T...

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

We can engage at any level that works with our family and work commitments but every little action helps, every individual piece is a vital part of the whole. Some projects require a big commitment and others smaller – if we all give what we can when we can, the payback for us and our community is enormous. From seeing the beaming child receiving their ‘Back to School’ backpack to the quiet pride we can take at a finished project and knowing what we did to make it happen, the rewards are many. Being a part of something good, feels good!

The KAUST Volunteer Management Platform is a useful tool for volunteers, enabling volunteers’ skills to be matched with program needs.  Volunteers can browse the database to explore and sign up for projects that interest them.  Volunteers can also view their service record and the number of hours they have accrued.

KAUST Volunteer Management Platform

Match your interests with your community's needs

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