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Thuwal Teacher Development Program in 4th Year of Partnership

Thuwal Development Program 2018-19

The Thuwal Teacher Development Program, co-ordinated by KAUST Social Responsibility, brings together teachers from Kindergarten, Elementary and High School in Thuwal and Qadimah with their peers in The KAUST School for collaborative workshops and sharing of ideas.  To ensure best practice and the most efficient way of working together, each school has nominated a committee of teachers that will engage in the program.  The 2018-19 TTDP began with the committee from TKS visiting their counterparts’ classrooms in Thuwal, followed by Thuwal teachers visiting TKS.

The TKS teachers devised the first phase of this year’s program based on the classroom observations in Thuwal, framing the timetable of activity sessions accordingly.  Ms Wjdan Qari, an elementary teacher at The KAUST School, said that visiting the Thuwal Schools made a huge difference, being able to see their classroom set ups and what would be useful observations and activities to offer at TKS.  Mr Adam Reid teaches Grade 3 at TKS and also enjoyed the visit to the Thuwal Schools.   “It was inspiring to see some of the positive teaching practices already in place … and to experience the hospitality of the community during our visit.”

TKS hosted 50 teachers from Thuwal Girls’ and Boys’ Schools, over three consecutive days.  They viewed lessons in progress, conversed with TKS students and attended workshops and group discussions.

This long term program develops year on year.  Gardens Elementary teacher Ms Rawdah Radwan noted that the teachers from Thuwal appreciated the increased number of practical elements and hands on experiences this year, that added value to the talks and lectures.  The Thuwal teachers enjoyed the opportunity to interact with fellow educators and students, commenting that the TKS teachers were ‘great guides and hosts’, and that the sharing their knowledge and skills has given them so much to take away.  Ms Carrie McEwen from TKS said that the program is ‘an example of how powerful it is when teachers come together, observe other teachers and brainstorm ideas about what gems they can take back and apply to their context’ and she is looking forward to using feedback from the Thuwal teachers to inform the next steps in the partnership.

The Thuwal Teacher Development Program continues to evolve to ensure the sessions are targeted and relevant.  The support and commitment from both teaching communities is what makes this program a success, strengthening the ties between KAUST and its host town of Thuwal.  Thank you to all the teaching staff and students in both schools for being so welcoming.

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Part of the Thuwal Teachers' Development Program - read the Program Overview 

January 29, 2019

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