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Ready, Steady, Go - Thuwal Teachers Attend PE Training Workshops

PE Training for Teachers in Thuwal

PE Training for Teachers in Thuwal

Teachers from nine local girls’ schools in Thuwal and Qadimah have been attending physical education workshop sessions led by PE teachers from The KAUST School. The sessions are designed to complement the national physical education training program delivered nationally across the Kingdom by the Ministry of Education. 

Ms Trudy Vriend, a dedicated and experienced PE teacher from The KAUST School, devised the workshops to be delivered in three parts – the teachers were invited to participate in practical classes with pupils; a classroom-based session to share strategies and ideas for active and fun PE lessons and finally, Ms Vriend visited Thuwal and Qadimah schools to work with the teachers and pupils in their own setting.

The ten female teachers from local schools have been inspired by the recent Government initiative and were keen to gain first-hand knowledge and experience of how to introduce physical education into their school curriculum.  They participated in the practical lessons with great enthusiasm and are committed to using and building on the skills acquired in these workshops to implement physical education programs in their schools.

Manal Al Jahdali, a PE Teacher in Thuwal said: “I would like to thank the KAUST PE teacher that came to our school and look forward to introducing sport in the next semester.  We support the idea of doing exercise in the schools.”

Ms Vriend noted: “The teachers want to learn about PE and Health, not only for their students but also for themselves.  It makes me hopeful for the future of women’s health in Saudi Arabia.  And it has been an absolute privilege to do these workshops with them.”

She also said: “The most important message is that physical education lessons should be enjoyable and fun.  The activities need to be experienced by the teachers and done in a playful manner.  This in turn will contribute to their well-being and eventually lead to a healthy active lifestyle.”

Ms Dena Akeel, an Islamic Studies teacher at The KAUST School, co-ordinated with the KAUST Social Responsibility Department, the Thuwal Schools and The KAUST School, to arrange these innovative sessions and also remarked on the commitment the teachers showed to acquiring new skills and knowledge.  “The teachers said this was the best workshop ever because they were involved, not only watching.  They learned that some of their students might be shy to participate, but that knowing their pupils and applying the strategies they learned at the workshops meant the students really enjoyed it and hope they can do more.”

The key objectives of physical education lessons is to ensure they are dynamic, creative and inclusive, with the aim of inspiring the pupils to build physical activity into their daily lives through childhood and beyond, thus equipping them to lead active, healthy lives.   The 80 female students that took part in the workshop session at their schools really enjoyed the experience are looking forward to it becoming a new addition to the curriculum in the new school year in September 2018.

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Part of the Thuwal Teachers' Development Program - read the Program Overview

June 5, 2018

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