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KAUST Science Festival at Thuwal a great success!


Social Responsibility is proud to celebrate the success of the first KAUST Science Festival on the Thuwal Corniche. In this unique opportunity, KAUST’s scientists, researchers and the people of KAUST came together with the Thuwal and Jeddah communities to explore, innovate and celebrate all things science, in a Science Festival that was the first of its kind. 

People of all ages enjoyed three days of vibrant and diverse activities including a variety of science exhibits, daily evening science shows, 8 inspiring talks from our faculty members, STEAM Challenges for kids, and science projects that were on display from The KAUST School's students. KAUST start-up Noor DX also offered 200 PCR tests during the festival to showcase their work. 

Overall, we welcomed an incredible 7000+ visitors over three memorable days.

Local schools also got involved and took part in numerous challenges and competitions that celebrated the potential of the next generation of this Nation’s scientists, innovators and thinkers. We would like to highlight a few:

The Thuwal Secondary Schools for boys won first place in the Make a Difference challenge where students presented unique engineering solutions to assist people with disabilities. Saabar Intermediate School took first place in the Bridges Making Challenge as they designed small, aesthetically pleasing, sturdy bridges. Last but not least, Thuwal Elementary School for girls researched a STEAM topic, designed a scientific poster, and won the Poster Making Competition.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who made this event a great success including the visitors who enriched their love for science with us and the neighboring community of Thuwal.

This festival was a collaboration between Strategic National Advancement's Social Responsibility, and the Provost - Office of Culture, Enrichment and Engagement. 

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