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Celebrating Ramadan with our Thuwal Neighbors

Sharing is Caring 2018 Eid Greetings Cards

30 August, 2018: Social Responsibility and volunteers at KAUST were delighted to join in with the joys of the Ramadan season by sharing food hampers and Eid gifts with neighbors in Thuwal during the 3rd Annual Sharing is Caring.  The Food Pantry hampers offer healthy, seasonal food and cooking supplies to assist families in preparing their Ramadan meals. The Eid gifts were carefully chosen to be fun to use while supporting healthy living choices and an active lifestyle - this year the gifts comprised bicycles and helmets for younger children, trainers and fitness trackers for older children.

Distribution of the Food Pantry hampers and Eid Gifts is co-ordinated with The Albir Society in Thuwal.  The packing of the boxes was superb community teamwork, with over 5000 items sorted into 200 boxes.  Thank you to the 83 volunteers that took part in the assembly and distribution of the Food Pantry hampers.  Thank you also to Campus Support and the team at Harbor Recreation for all their assistance with facilitating the packing event.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #3

Part of our Community Al-Jar Program - read the Program Overview here.

August 30, 2018

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