KAUST Social Responsibility  

Connecting our Communities

Our Aljar Program (meaning neighbor) is a special needs-based initiative we undertake at certain points throughout the year. We focus on economically disadvantaged families, orphans, and persons with disabilities – working closely with charitable associations to identify these targeted groups. Aljar provides meaningful and useful gifts related to education, health, wellness and nutrition. Initiatives within Aljar include Ramadan Food Pantry, Sharing is Caring and Computer & Furniture Reallocation.



Well-being programs are more than just promoting healthy living initiatives – they are designed to help people develop strategies to improve their own well-being, by offering a clear framework and practical support.


Celebrate Saudi Arabia Art Competition

The Celebrate Saudi Arabia Art Competition engages the KAUST community in celebrating Saudi culture and heritage through art. It represents an ideal way to honor and recognize the rich history and culture of the Kingdom.