KAUST Social Responsibility  

Sharing is Caring and Ramadan Food Pantry


Sharing is Caring is an annual campaign that allows the KAUST community to celebrate the joys of the season with our neighbours in Thuwal during Ramadan and Eids. The project instils KAUST’s values of continuous learning and lifelong wellbeing by providing meaningful contributions through the Ramadan Food Pantry and Eid Gifts initiatives. As part of the program, targeted groups receive gift boxes containing educational toys, books, and healthy sweets and families  receive healthy seasonal food and cooking supplies. Gifts are donated by the KAUST community.

The KAUST Sharing is Caring campaign begins during Ramadan and offers the opportunity for University  residents of all ages to take part in this very important time of year in Saudi Arabia. We aim to provide opportunities for our diverse KAUST community to engage with our neighbors and we work closely with Thuwal stakeholders to ensure we are contributing in the most impactful ways.

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